Measures taken for reducing maid abuse in singapore essay

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The fact that the couple is merely charged under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, shows the kind of rights that domestic workers have.

Are they doing any less than what locals are doing, if not more. Face-off; Fighting elder abuse. There have been instances of maids jumping to their death, some of which could be linked to severe physical and psychological ill-treatment by employers.

I am slightly optimistic that this will happen. Contrary to the common perception that a well-functioning market is an unregulated one, our study shows that, in some cases, good government regulations can actually help markets work efficiently. Journal of Family Violence, 26 2 It also provides links to child abuse statistics and articles on child abuse.

Another alternative solution is to actually build shelter homes for the maid abuse victims. How, then, can we prevent maid abuse in Singapore? But this is meant only for accidents in the course of work that led to death or disability. What people should be doing if they are really enraged by this incident, is not to call for the couple to be killed or a heavy punishment but for migrant workers to be given the same rights as local workers under the employment act.

These countries scored highly on the Power Distance Index.

Maid in Singapore

This paper collates the experiences from 14 children between the ages of years who were witnesses to intimate partner violence. The answer should be obvious.

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If you would like to do your part to make a positive change, do volunteer with this charity called HOME Singapore. Ng was originally accused of murder but the charge was changed to manslaughter. By sharing this knowledge with those closest to you, you yourself may be able to prevent them from doing drugs, too.

The study shows that these migrant workers have little recourse for help. Cooperation between Malaysian government and related countries such as Indonesia government is important in curbing this problem. They are human beings entitled to be accorded due dignity and respect because the human condition demands it.

For instance, people would treat a lawyer or doctor with a lot more respect than how they would treat a security guard or road sweeper. Physical and psychological symptoms and learning difficulties in children of women exposed and non-exposed to violence: Take up exercising, read a good book, volunteer with the needy, create something.

The government is trying hard to change this impression. A statistical profile, Maids at home would then be a convenient punching bag given the fact that Their employers consider them to be inferior Many truly need their jobs for their families and are not likely to leave They do not have much friends or relatives who they can turn to for help Many of these women are afraid to report the abuse.

Many Singaporeans are unhappy and choose to take it out on an easy target Singapore is one of the most stressful and unhappy countries globally.

Using conventional labour laws here such as the Employment Act to regulate FDW work conditions would be difficult because of the informal nature of household chores. I hope that society can progress and our current generation will learn to treat workers humanely and with respect. Retrieved February 14,from the S.SINGAPORE - A couple who starved their Filipino maid by providing her with only two meals a day were on Monday (March 27) handed jail sentences.

Read more at Courts & Crime News -SINGAPORE - A couple who starved their Filipino maid by providing her with only two meals a day were on Monday (March 27).

6 Ways How Installing CCTV Can Prevent Maid Abuse

The number of domestic helper abuse cases in Singapore has been growing at an alarming rate and the governments of both employer and employees should start taking notice.

Only 14 maid abuse cases. Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention - Singapore Children's. Lately, cases of maid abuse have been on the rise in Singapore.

It is not surprising to hear that a maid has mistreated or abused a child. This is very disappointing because a maid is someone hired to take care of “home business” while. requirements are aimed at increasing the costs of hiring maids and thus reducing the country’s reliance on foreign labour, referred to colloquially as the ‘maid dependency syndrome’.

Significantly, these measures are not designed to protect the rights of women working as maids. Feb 26,  · Told from the perspective of a maid (Also known as: Foreign Domestic Worker) working for a Singaporean family and explores the discrimination that maids experience in Singapore.

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Measures taken for reducing maid abuse in singapore essay
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