My story for his glory

About Donna Granberry I encountered a man the other day who spoke a 3-minute conversation.

Down from His glory

I could hear faint words like "accident" "it's bad" "won't walk". She apologized for having to cancel her original speaking engagement back in August. I'll never know how tough it really was to see my uncle in the condition he was in.

He must increase, but I must decrease. My objective was now overshadowed with the testimony I had just witnessed. I still come back to them because of how much peace they bring me.


Praise Him for that. Pour your heart out because He wants to know what's bothering you, what's tiring you.

My story to his glory

Who are you to be questioning what I'm doing? He assured me that those dry bones in my uncle's body would soon come alive. God has reasons for everything, and I know he will guide me in the right direction, I just need to let Him do that. I understand her frustrations, her worries, her fears and even her apprehension in seeing me as a good friend - a sister.

Why He allows things to take a process when He can just speak a word and Everything falls into Place being the all Powerful God. Carolyn told us about the almost unbelievable physical and spiritual poverty in Sudan. Etched out in pencil, marker or pen each represented a request that only God could provide.

Where has the personal contact gone? Throughout this whole season. And selfishly, i thought, 'how could she share those things with her friends and, in effect, the world but not me. I can rejoice in the way God is using my life.

I lost the desire to give because it seemed that everyone took more than I had to offer. And until i surrender my hurt and heart completely to God.

We'll step the valley unafraid. It's not until all of that happens that you finally realize that "oh it's probably not a big deal" was an understatement. As I heard her sing her beautiful lungs out.

No, not global warming. I can live with a settled assurance that for me, the best is yet to come! As John says, we need to get out of the way.

But true meekness is anything but weak. That thought quickly diminished later that night.We rolled out of camp bunk beds early that Saturday for our date with God’s glory. The air was brisk, but the sun greeted us with a promise of warmth. I joined my friends at the starting line for the Shadow of the Giants trail race.

“Three, two, one, go!” the race director bellowed, his voice echoing through the forest. And we were off. Oct 14,  · What’s Your Story, about his Glory?

October 14, at pm Leave a comment About this time, almost exactly 12 years ago, I made the most important decision of my life.

My Story // His Glory

I decided to accept Jesus Christ to come live in my heart. The ordinary was used for His glory, and that can only be of God. I loved your story about the man who thanked you for an encouraging act you could not even recall. We really have no idea what God will do with our least offering to Him.

Jen says.


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The form MY STORY, HIS GLORY will help you tell us your story and give God glory. Katie shares her beautiful journey of how Father restored & redeemed her marriage & covenant love with her husband.

His Story, His Glory

From Miscarriage to Hope { My Story for His Glory } 3 Couples share their journeys and testimonies of walking through miscarriage to hope with God.

My life has been a challenge this year, but it has been great at the same time. I have the most amazing people in my life, so it makes the hard times easier.

My story for his glory
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