Screw osteosynthesis

The total length of the Pediatric Bollard is 3mm Screw osteosynthesis than its analogous standard model. Preferably, no portion of the set screw that remains after the head or stem breaks off extends above or beyond an outer edge of the Screw osteosynthesis bore.

In the open end variety, the ring 7 includes a generally U-shaped groove opening along an upper end of the head or ring 7. In such a case, the thread provides the securing action against an axial displacement of the osteosynthesis screw and the thread-free area of the shaft, which in cross-section is noncircular or the like, effects by positive-Amended Sheet locking connection with the ingrowing bone the rotary locking action.

After removal of the screws, an osteosynthesis with K-wires was performed. Fractures of the proximal phalanx and metacarpals in the hand: Once the rod is inserted through the bore in the transverse connectors the set screws are inserted through the threaded bores and tightened to fix the relative position of the rod within the spinal rod bore, and set screws are inserted in the threaded bores and tightened to fix the position of the transverse connector with respect to the pedicle screws.

Vorteilhaft ist es, wenn die mindestens eine Klemmbacke eine sich vom Verbindungselement weg weisend erweiternde zentrale Durchbrechung aufweist. The illustrated rod 5 is round; however, it is foreseen that the rod could be square to help prevent rotation in a similarly shaped bore in the bone screw 10, or have a cross section of almost any shape.

The transverse connectors include an arm and a head.

US6224596B1 - Set screw for use with osteosynthesis apparatus - Google Patents

It is foreseen that the shape of the first and second heads 71 and 74 may be of various configurations or shapes which provide a surface adapted for cooperative engagement by a torque inducing tool such as a wrench.

A hole is drilled in the broken piece in question to this end. Management of phalangeal fractures of hand. The point 93 preferably extends axially outward and downward further than the ring 95 so as to penetrate deeper into the rod 5 during use.

This fixation, for example, a clamping of the support element on the screw head is reinforced. What is the success rate of this procedure? Thereby, the fixation of the carrier element is reinforced on the screw head, for example in a clamping by additionally occurring frictional forces.


The slot 36 is a rectangular notch extending downward from the upper end 30 with portions on diagonally opposite sides of the screw 1. In combination with the set screw as disclosed in claim 1 an implant having a threaded bore for receiving said set screw wherein said threaded bore entirely encircles a threaded portion of said set screw.

The set screw as disclosed in claim 2 wherein: It is advantageous if at least one fitting on the connecting element clamping jaw is provided, and when the at least one jaw between the support member and the fixing member in the connected position is clamped is.

The bore 84 of the set screw 70 is adapted to facilitate removal of the set screw head 71 once it is sheared off from the lower portion Because of the broad spectrum of variation in fracture patterns and the many associated variables affecting the treatment and outcome of hand fractures, there are no randomized controlled trials.

The set screw receiving bore 11 may be formed in the cap or another part of the head 7.

osteosynthesis screws

In combination, a set screw with a medical implant having a first elongate member and a second member; said set screw operably securing said first member having a central axis to said second member; said combination wherein: The notch 25 is positioned and sized to initiate breakage along the radially innermost portion thereof at the level of the notch 25 and at a preselected torque without forming substantial burrs on the resulting upper surface of the set screw lower portion The osteosynthesis screw of claim 1, wherein the orbiform is trilobular or polygonal.

The patients were operated by two senior surgeons between January and December Then, a correct measurement of the screw length is critical since removal and replacement of the screws may be difficult due to the very small screwhead with an increased risk of slippage of the screwdriver while turning it back.

In addition, a stable osteosynthesis is achieved, allowing active movement of the affected joints.

Hindfoot osteosynthesis screw

The screws are screwed into the pedicle portion of the vertebra at desired locations and a spinal rod is then extended through the spinal rod bore in each bone screw.

The design of the cylindrical fixation unit makes it possible to fix all kind of wires to make a connection with the fixed appliance. Accordingly, the osteosynthesis screw, once it is screwed in, is secured in an optimal fashion against rotation and also against displacement in the axial direction as a result of the presence of a thread.

With this feature according to the invention it is achieved that the osteosynthesis screw can be screwed in like a screw, wherein the area of the shaft with the thread by means of thread engagement provides an axial securing action against a self-acting displacement. The projection 55 is sized for insertion into at least the upper bore section 28 when the set screw head 20 is positioned in the socket Related Searches for osteosynthesis screws: screw tek screws grub screw m5 screw screw l screw hex screw m2 screw set screw wing screw tox screw ikea screw m4 screw acme screw m3 screw More Sign In Join Free.

Related Searches for osteosynthesis screws: screw tek screws grub screw m5 screw screw l screw hex screw m2 screw set screw wing screw tox screw ikea screw m4 screw acme screw m3 screw More Sign In Join Free.


Spinal osteosynthesis unit

The purpose of the study was to develop a method of multiplanar CT reconstruction in fractures of the mandibular condyle in order to evaluate the feasibility of lag screw osteosynthesis.

Fixation Screws: Stryker Osteosynthesis bone screws are not approved or intended for screw attachment or fixation to the posterior elements (pedicles) of the The Asnis III Cannulated Screw System is intended for fracture fixation of small and long bones and of the pelvis. The system is not intended for spinal use.


Osteosynthesis is defined as fixation of a bone. It is a surgical procedure to treat bone fractures in which bone fragments are joined with screws, plates, nails or wires. Lag screw osteosynthesis of fractures of the mandibular condyle: Potential benefit of preoperative planning using multiplanar CT reconstruction.

Screw osteosynthesis
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