The stand your ground law

If they are a fugitive or helping another fugitive then they cannot defend themselves with deadly force. Critics have said the law is so broad that it gives the trigger-happy carte blanche to shoot first and ask questions later. As of May, an arrest had not been made in the April 3 shooting. Duty to retreat[ edit ] In US jurisdictions where the castle doctrine applies, there is no duty to retreat before deadly force is used against an intruder by a person in their home or, in some jurisdictions, just simply where the person can legally be.

What you need to know about 'stand your ground' laws

This provision acts as a safeguard against grossly disproportionate use of force, while still allowing a person to use force in nearly all circumstances. Self-defense no longer applies when the threat has passed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Any force used must be reasonable in the circumstances as the person honestly perceived them to be, after making allowance for the fact that some degree of excess force might still be reasonable in the heat of the moment.

Why it's a controversial issue Supporters of "stand your ground" laws say they give people the right to protect themselves. The only exception would be if you withdrew from the encounter, clearly communicated withdrawal to the other person, and despite the clear communication of withdrawal, the other person continued to use physical force against you.

Both men had stepped out of their vehicles on a Houston feeder road, yet Darling, a year-old white male, said that Welton, a year-old black male, threw the first punches and that he was merely trying to subdue him until police arrived.


Before passage of the law, Miami police chief John F. Arizona has specific self-defense laws that apply to preventing the commission of some serious crimes. In the case of an intruder in the home, however, the option of retreat is unlikely to arise in many cases and therefore the degree of force used, although otherwise appearing to be disproportionate, might nonetheless be assessed as reasonable.

The intruder is required by most of these laws to be acting unlawfully. In another example, if someone pointed a gun at you, and you reasonably feared for your life, you would be justified in threatening or using deadly force against that aggressor.

Myers 59 Ariz. These homicides are classified by police as criminal homicides, not as justifiable homicides.

Most self-defense laws state that a person under threat of physical injury has a "duty to retreat. We found that homicide rates in states with a version of the Stand Your Ground law increased by an average of 8 percent over states without it—which translates to roughly additional homicides per year.

VIDEO: FL ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Clears Man in Parking Lot Shooting

As the case garnered national attention, onlookers speculated whether Zimmerman would try to use the Florida's "stand your ground" law as part of his defense.

Still, the case cast a spotlight on Florida's "stand your ground" law and demands to change it. Within a few seconds, she heard a single gunshot. This included criminals using the law as a defense for their crimes, more people carrying guns, and that people would not feel safe if they felt that anyone could use deadly force in a conflict.

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In other words, the Defendant must point out that he was justified, and excused, due to the circumstances of the alleged conduct. Jacobs was waiting for him in their car with their two other children, a 4-month-old and a 3-year-old.The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office refused to arrest Drejka, citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

The law allows Floridians to use deadly force in self-defense without having a duty to. In states that do have stand your ground laws, the right to stand your ground generally applies outside of your home, vehicle, and business.

In those states, an individual is generally allowed to use deadly force without a duty to retreat. “Stand your ground” laws have taken the spotlight in the news lately, in part due to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial in Florida.

As a result, some Carolina residents have begun to question the status of North Carolina’s “stand your ground” law.

Jacobs, who was a certified nursing assistant, said she is seeking legal representation to challenge the “stand your ground” law and hold Drejka accountable for his actions.

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House Bill would repeal North Carolina's Stand Your Ground law and revert the right of self defense in this state back to the common law, which requires an attempt to retreat before force is justified. The stand-your-ground vs. duty-to-retreat distinction comes up in the relatively unusual case in which you are faced with a threat of death, serious bodily injury, etc., but you can escape with.

The stand your ground law
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